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Autism, sport and summer camp

Summer camp for children with ASD and parents’ perception of changes in psycho-social skills


IJSP, 2019, 50, 162-175

The study examined in children with ASD their psychosocial behaviors pre/post a summer sport camp of two intensive weeks in term of time (5 hours per day) and multidisciplinary approach. Participants were 29 children (8-13 years) from mild to severe degrees of ASD. They alternated the three activities each day for a time of 75 minutes: soccer, aquatic activities and expressive activities. The team leading the camp consisted in coaches, sport psychologists, one speech-language therapist and one physician. The Adaptive Social Skills Measure (Walker et al. 2010) has been used to assess the children psychosocial skills in four areas: verbal communication, social interaction, transitions and attention to task. The parents filled the questionnaire pre/post the camp assessing the psychosocial competences of their children. Results showed the parents perceived significant improvement in children for all four subscales. The data outlined the relevance to study in a natu- ralistic context these psychosocial skills in a short period of training but intensive for number of hours per day and activities practiced.

Ellie Simmonds, an exceptional athlete

Ellie Simmonds is the girl in the poster on the wall  of the Aquatics Center. In Beijing at the age of 13 she had already won two gold medals in swimming. In recent years has become one of the UK’s most popular athletes, and quickly learned to manage its popularity, sponsors and his sporting life. She used to be celebrated but her interest is to succeed. She knows exactly what she wants and considers every minute stolen from the coaching sessions as a gift to her opponents. A week before the race she is isolated with minimal contact with the outside world. The race of the 400m freestyle won by Ellie Simmonds has been of incredible intensity and will to win, his strokes seemed so violent showed incredible determination.