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Thousand of scientists support #Fridaysforfuture

It’s the first time in my life that I’m about to sign a school justification for my kids containing a long, uncomfortable, list of scientific facts and a detailed biography.” So Holger Gies, professor of theoretical physics at the University of Jena, explains the personal endorsement at 180 German climate events scheduled within Fridays for future. Like him other 12,000 including doctors, professors, researchers, science journalists and economists of Germany, Switzerland and Austria today signed the maxi-appeal of support to environmental activists.

The scientific journal Nature  said that thousands of scientists support the movement #Fridaysforfuture:

Academic support

More than 12,000 scientists have signed a statement started by researchers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in support of the strikes, saying that those countries are not doing enough to keep global warming well below 2 °C — the aim of the 2015 Paris climate accord. Young people’s concerns are “justified and supported by the best available science”, it says.

In New Zealand, more than 1,500 academics have released a similar statement. And last month, a letter from 224 UK academics published in The Guardian newspaper stated that the young strikers “have every right to be angry about the future that we shall bequeath to them, if proportionate and urgent action is not taken”.

“As adults we have abjectly failed,” says Kevin Anderson, a climate scientist at the University of Manchester, UK, and Uppsala University in Sweden, and a signatory of the Guardian letter.

Before most of the children who will be striking were born, scientists knew about climate change and how to respond to it, says Anderson. But a quarter of a century later, people have collectively failed to act — and humanity is running out of time if it is going to restrict warming to 2 °C, he adds.