Need balance between grit and thought

When a realistically achievable outcome is at hand, that’s when the tension before a competition skyrockets. It may seem absurd, but usually, the higher the likelihood of delivering an excellent performance, the greater the stress and uncertainties that arise in the pre-game mind.

Over the years, I have learned that putting oneself in the optimal psychophysical condition is easier said than done.

Regardless of the sport, the athlete’s effort is directed towards balancing their determination or grit with the need to have those (simple) thoughts that allow them to stay focused on the task.

One can overdo determination, risking impulsive actions, or become too reflective, expressing doubts about the choices to be made. In both cases, the probability of making mistakes increases, deviating from the balance between grit and thought.

The purpose of mental training should be to teach awareness of the importance of this balance and enable the learning of the necessary ways to respond to the prevalence of one aspect over the other.

There are many psychological techniques to learn how to stay in one’s optimal mental condition, which can be acquired through constant training. In any case, this journey begins with the athlete’s awareness of the need to maintain this kind of balance during the competition.

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