Who will win the Serie A championship?

The predictions of which teams will fight for the Scudetto have begun,. These are evaluations based on the characteristics of the players, the coach’s preferred game and the playing patterns but little is said about the mentality of the players and the role of the club. Dealing with these issues in an integrated way could, instead, provide fans with more information about how their team and key opponents might actually play. One could predict how the team will react in the face of emotionally intense situations, such as conceding a decisive goal in the last minutes of a game, know which players will react best to unexpected situations, and what the repercussions on the team will be of the Club’s decisions to problems that arise.

In fact, the mentality of a team is composed of these different factors, which then include not only what happens during the match but also, for example, the organizational quality of the soccer club. The better the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizational quality, the more likely the team will be to play with a winning mentality. Public image also plays a relevant role, think of Juventus that has had the same ownership for 100 years, Milan that has been the team considered the strongest of all time, the achievements of Napoli through the Maradona epic. These two elements are conducive to building a winning team.

There are others that are more obvious to everyone, which concern the team’s goals, the standards of play and the technical-tactical quality of the team in dealing with the different phases, including emotional ones, of the game. In turn, these aspects determine collective effectiveness, expressed through performances that are superior to those that each could provide individually. Finally, a further component of performance concerns the leadership style of the coach, his role in guiding technical and tactical guidance and supporting the motivation of the players.

Analyzing these aspects could thus lead to more precise analyses and not just based on the teams’ history and recent results.

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