Motivation is the king of team performances

How do we explain psychologically these sudden winning performances of Salernitana rather than Genoa but also the incredible games Real Madrid played against Manchester City, PSG and Chelsea. We know that it is motivation that determines the difference in play between teams but does one have to be on the brink of the abyss to feel motivated to react? Agatha Christie wrote that “A clue is a clue, two clues are a coincidence, but three clues make a proof.” Real Madrid’s 3 matches seem to confirm this approach. In fact, the only game lost at the Bernabeu was the one played with Chelsea having, however, won the away game. The motivation was not so strong to win at home because they were starting from a positive result while the other two were won as Real Madrid had to recover from two defeats suffered at home by their opponents. Of course, when we talk about reduced motivation, we are certainly not referring to that manifested by students when they are uninterested in listening to their prof. in school but to the lack of what Arrigo Sacchi calls the exceptional motivation, which is nurtured through an absolute desire to want to achieve the set result.

As far as Salernitana and Genoa are concerned, the difficulty of these teams and others in similar conditions is that they have not sought during the span of the championship a valid motivation to play matches with continuity, and in particular those against direct opponents fighting for permanence in Serie A. There are many issues that should be analyzed and that concern the role of the management, the coach and individual players in manifesting adequate and effective motivational levels. Staying within the framework of these last positive matches, I would say that the explanation lies in the encounter between the drama of the situation, relegation, and the need to attempt the impossible. Sometimes it works as one suddenly realizes that there will be no more opportunities available if one does not take advantage of the last remaining ones.

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