Only a miracle can improve the coaching behaviors!

A little-investigated topic concerns the self-improvement process of coaches. While it is quite usual in companies for young talent rather than established managers to follow a program of self-improvement in relation to their leadership skills, this value is not perceived by coaches.

In fact, in companies, this type of work is perceived by the people involved as a benefit that the company provides.

In sports, this is not the case with both young and established coaches. It is a question of mentality and, I believe, of cultural and professional backwardness. The prevailing philosophy is: “I’m fine as I am”. In my opinion, the majority of coaches would not even participate in refresher courses if they were not required by their Federation.

They should be asked, “What do you do to improve yourselves when you are struggling with your team?” Many, in my opinion, believe that the technical competence they have acquired is sufficient to train well, or that problems arise with young people because they are not motivated and attentive to the work that is proposed to them.

I have not seen in recent years an improvement in the mentality of coaches, in fact the massive professionalization of technical skills to which they have been subjected has served to hide this problem, also complicit in the lack of interest of sports clubs and federations towards this issue.

We hope for a miracle.

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