The Run of Miguel comes from an idea of Valerio Piccioni, journalist of Gazzetta dello Sport to remember Miguel Sanchez, young Argentine disappeared in 1978, during the military junta of Jorge Videla. The first edition of this event was in Rome in 2000 and today also Buenos Aires hosts an edition of Miguel.

Miguel was killed because he was a student, runner and wrote poetry and this race recalls not only him but also all 30,000 people that the dictatorship has disappeared and it wanted they were forgotten. This race wants to keep alive the memory of those terrible years and to remember the importance of the fight for civil rights.

Para vos atleta

para vos que sabés del frío, de calor,
de triunfos y derrotas
para vos que tenés el cuerpo sano
el alma ancha y el corazón grande.
Para vos que tenés muchos amigos
muchos anhelos
la alegría adulta y la sonrisa de los niños.
Para vos que no sabés de hielos ni de soles
de lluvia ni rencores.
Para vos, atleta
que recorriste pueblos y ciudades
uniendo Estados con tu andar
Para vos, atleta
que desprecias la guerra y ansías la paz.

By Miguel Sanchez

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