Girls: no sports, no selfesteem

It has been presented in Milan under the patronage of the Municipality the Self-Esteem Project : “6 out of 10 girls drop out their favorite sport because they are dissatisfied with their body. Together, because no girl hang up his shoes.”

The initiative came from a study by Dove and it will be promote in 10 secondary schools in Milan, a series of 4 meetings, reserved for girls and boys between 12 and 14 years. Coordinated by Mauro Grimoldi ( president psychologists order of Lombardy ), two psychologists follow the group-class ,with the aim of encouraging the participants to develop a positive self-awareness and build a healthy and positive relationship with the body. The initiative, in the coming months will be expand to other Italian cities .

An international research , conducted this year by Dove, shows that worldwide there are many girls who develop psychological blocks due to low self-esteem . Worldwide, 60% of girls between the ages of 15 and 17 prevents normal daily activities – go to the doctor, play sports or be tested at school – because they feel uncomfortable in their own body. Chasing an unattainable model of beauty, the girls end up not express what they really are. The data obtained in Italy are particularly significant: 8 out of 10 girls do not feel good in their body , because of the stereotypes imposed by the media, society and sometimes by themselves. Only 3% of girls are considered beautiful, 45% is defined by reticence cute, 25% are worried about their own weight, and 36 % said they would feel happier if they were more beautiful. The research also shows how in Italy there is a direct link between the feeling of inadequacy, lack of self-esteem and the onset of insecurities that sometimes are likely to have a significant impact on the simple daily activities. 52% of Italian girls is not involved in sports, because dissatisfied with their body.

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