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Taiwan mental training workshop

These days I am in Taiwan working with the national shooting and volleyball team in preparation for this summer’s Olympics in Paris. At the same time I also conducted two days of workshops with coaches and sports psychologists. As always in these situations what is appreciated is not so much the explanation of psychological theories but the ability to illustrate how a mental preparation program is organized and conducted. There were many questions about how one works to prepare for major international events and how one handles pressure in the most important moments of a competition, especially finals. Another focal point was also regarding the practice of psychological preparation during each training session and how this should be carried over into competition.

備戰2024巴黎奧運會 射擊運動心理工作坊。國家運動科學中心提供
國家運動科學中心執行長黃啟煌義大利籍運動心理教授Alberto Cei 。國家運動科學中心提供