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Spalletti: “It’s not my fault, it’s the others…”

It’s nice to work by blaming others (the players) for failures or by claiming not to have had enough time (few games played, few months). All true, but then why did he accept this responsibility? It seems like those who say that for what they are paid, you can’t expect them to work well too. If you’ve chosen to do it, you must give your best; you could have refused and everyone would have understood. Instead, you accept first and then complain.

I wonder what the players think of a coach who attributes the blame for this failure only to them. But beyond this, how do you regain team unity when the blame lies solely on one side? We have many questions, but we will never get the answers. At the moment, there have only been accusations, which are fair from fans and the media but wrong if directed only at one side by the coach, who excludes himself from a critical attitude towards himself.

It was the classic representation of an explanation for poor performance: “It’s not my fault, it’s the others…”