Live in the moment

Karch Kiraly the greatest volleyball player who ever lived was once asked by a fan “How did you prepare for the Olympic Gold Medal?”  Karch’s answer was beautiful.  He simply said,  “I did not prepare for the gold medal, I always prepared for the next point.”.  To become a champion in whatever you are doing you need to stay in the moment.  I once had an athlete that I coached a Pepperdine, who was one of the best pure athletes I have ever worked with.  He never really went as far as he could have gone as an athlete.  Why?

This particular player could not let go of the last play.  He would make a mistake and then he would be stuck thinking about the mistake (a bad pass, or a missed shot) and then this would impact the next play.  He would usually get worse and worse as the game went on.  He could not stay in the moment.  Do you carry baggage around from mistakes in the past?  Or have you learned to use those mistakes as learning opportunities that you can use in the present.  Staying in the moment will help you to become the champion that is inside you.

By Terry Schroeder,  Former USA water polo team coach

Starting from this point, repetition is essential to live in the moment establishing new habits. A crucial aspect of achieving goals is to include measurable behaviors, activities that can be performed daily. It is useful to adopt a simple performance evaluation system to verify the achievement of daily objectives.

These daily goals can include activities such as drinking a specific amount of water, doing a short yoga or mindfulness session every day, pushing past one’s limits when tired, or any other healthy habit.

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