Sinner has reduced the mobile uses, and you?

Today it is almost a duty to talk about Sinner, who has become the world number one in tennis.

Many things have been said about him, but I would like to focus on an apparently small change that he has declared to have made: “I use my phone less.”

In recent days, I have written about the negative change this had on a population in the Amazon. Instead, now we become aware that Sinner’s success, composed of a thousand details, is also due to this small change.

So let’s try to reflect on the influence of the smartphone in our daily lives; we certainly don’t need to aspire to be a champion to control its use and its relative frequency.

Let’s try to ask ourselves:

  • How much time do I spend using it each day?
  • What are the reasons I use it?
  • Do I use it for work or as a pastime?
  • What could I do instead of consulting the smartphone?
  • How long has it been since I last read a book?
  • When I am with others, do I keep consulting it?
  • What could I do instead of its frequent use?

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