Klopp is gone and Guardiola is thinking about it

Jurgen Klopp has ended his time at Liverpool by bringing it back in recent years to achieve great results. Pep Guardiola after winning another Premier League has made it clear that he will probably stay only one more year at the helm of Manchester City. Klopp had said at the beginning that the fans would see exciting soccer and so it was while Guardiola applied and modified his ideas achieving unthinkable results such as among others the triplete.

Soccer wears out, winning every week wears out managing a high emotional team environment wears out. These coaches, every week, in addition to preparing tactically for the game must support and push the team to work hard, because less than this is not expected and is dangerous for the game on the field and the need to keep the team very united. That is why sport is alternative to war, the goal is to defeat the opponent, within the rules we strive to win and at the end we embrace each other

However, this exaggerated need to always be at one’s best as a person and collective over the years depletes one’s vital momentum toward soccer and one probably begins to get nauseous toward this kind of intensity, which is repeated the same every week. You can lose self-control as happened to Massimiliano Allegri or you leave for a while or do something else, no matter how much you are paid or leave like Spalletti because you think you have achieved a one-time goal.

Absolute level sport, it exhausts emotionally and probably Klopp and Guardiola have understood this. The former has just started this new path, the other is thinking about it.

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