How to cope the more relevant matches

Preparing to play important matches is not easy even if you are fit. Physical and technical-tactical preparation are indispensable but not sufficient factors.

In these moments, self-control is the factor to be activated the most. These are the hours when you have to show yourself and the whole team, that whatever the challenges will be in the match you will find the right solution. The focus must be on only what you have decided to do. There is nothing to invent, the answers are already there, at hand and to be implemented with decision and speed. Opponents experience the same condition of fear and stress; no one is immune.

For these reasons, the one who puts oppressive thoughts behind him or her and decides to live intensely every second of the game wins. So, let’s get ready to enter this competitive context. So many times we draw on the will and desire to deliver the best individual and team performance. Let’s do that now, too! Calm, pace and speed.

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