There nothing to do to go beyond the daily stress?

Talking about stress is easy; we all experience sudden changes in our mood triggered by a phone call, a mistake, or other factors. However, often due to this ease in feeling stressed, we develop the habit of thinking that there’s nothing we can do against this psychological condition. Then there are optimistic relatives who go around saying not to worry too much because this discomfort will pass at some point.

It’s not just a matter of thoughts, as anxious feelings transform into behaviors to distract oneself from this unpleasant psychological state. The more active individuals, at this point, engage in behaviors to distance themselves from this discomfort: some eat, others consume alcohol, and some stay up late to avoid immediate sleep and forget about themselves, and so on.

Fear dominates these actions and thoughts, gradually solidifying, leading to learning to live with this psychological discomfort as if it were unchangeable. Many even consider themselves unfortunate because they associate with others whom they believe do not suffer from stress. When this magical thinking of misfortune combines with psychological discomfort, individuals become more submissive and passive, possibly starting to think that there is nothing to be done.

Now the next question is how to get out of this tunnel of passivity.

The truth is that living in fear or thinking that there’s nothing to be done is harmful. Courage lies in learning to know oneself, accepting oneself, and being reborn.

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