Sport is social

The opening speech of @TizianoPesce president of UISP whose congress assembly opened today:

“Sport reform must come to recognize the social value of sport, that’s why we talk about transition, we strongly believe that sport is an important vehicle.”

The beauty of this statement is that it applies to all categories of people who carry out from simple motor activity for purely personal pleasure, to those who use sport as a rehabilitative tool, to young adolescent athletes at whatever level they compete but also to professional athletes and female athletes.

Sport once again is for everyone because everyone’s well-being and mental health is a social value that concerns Messi and De Maria as much as those who are far from these absolute levels but like to go out for a walk.

On this basis, the pursuit of well-being, we are all equal and the value placed on one’s community of belonging knows no distinction.

It is a valuable asset let us it.not only defend it but spread it out.

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