Youngs spend few time outdoor

Often the countries of Northern Europe hit me for the simple and direct questions that arise, as well as the solutions they find. Some time ago, in Britain they have asked themselves the question: How often your children play outside? More or less than when you were a child? Have safety fears make you keep your children at home? The government cuts have reduced opportunities to play sports close to home?

So there it arises the problem of the need to increase the time that young people spend outdoors and in a natural environment because it is considered as necessary for their well-being and development of personal autonomy. Therefore it is hoped that adults are increasingly aware of this need and act accordingly.

In the same in  Italy we are still debating whether to increase the hours of physical education to school without reaching a settlement, when we enter … maybe someone will put this further question, namely that for the youngs are not given enough hours and we will have to do something more. Perhaps our grandchildren will enjoy  of this changes … those who in the meantime did not leave for another country.

Meanwhile, follow in Britain:

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