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Omar Di Felice, having already achieved some extreme adventures in the Arctic environment (Canada and North Cape in 2018, Alaska and Iceland in 2019, Gobi Desert in 2020 and Everest in 2021), now faces an exceptional feat: He will travel, riding his bicycle, over 4,000 kilometers, in temperatures below -30 degrees, starting from Kamchatka, passing through the Lapland region (Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway), Svalbard Islands, and Iceland, and finally landing in Greenland, Canada, and Alaska, pushing all the way across the demarcation line of the Arctic Circle, amid spectacular scenery and polar bears. This is not only a sporting and human adventure of great complexity: this journey, which is part of the Bike to 1.5°C project, launched on the occasion of COP26, the famous climate conference being held in Glasgow, aims to make the Arctic closer, more accessible, so that its fragilities can be probed and everyone can be made aware of the environmental crisis. Now is the time to find the strength to take that damn first step.

On November 23, he wrote this on instagram, to describe the positive value of fear.

It’s time to find the strength to take that damned first step.

Fear, with doubts, words, eyes that fall on every detail that you think and believe you haven’t taken care enough, the words of those here at the base camp who tell you “be careful” and of those who tell you that particular you could have been treated better.

The stress of a year spent working without ever stopping: no space for enthusiasm now but only an inner brake that tells me “you’re not ready”.
Admitting your fears is not a sign of weakness. It can’t be. It never was and it helped me get out of every negative situation.

I’m trying to understand how physiological is, considering the size of what I’m trying to do or at the opposite, the clear sign that it’s not yet time to take that damned first step.

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