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Max Allegri ‘s anger

Negative moments of anger can occur in a coach’s life, but they must be managed so as not to overwhelm one’s self-control. This seems to be what Massimiliano Allegri did not do during the last minutes of the Coppa Italia final and during the awards ceremony.

Losing self-control is a serious matter for anyone. It involves nearly canceling out any form of control usually present in interpersonal relationships and acting solely on emotional pressure, which blocks every logical and rational thought in the mind. Being enthusiastic or being angry are two extremes of the same continuum, one positive and the other negative, representing two different ways of investing the physical and mental energy available.

In both cases, emotions took over rational thought, which in these moments amplifies with words what the moods represent at that time. One can act in this way during the game to draw attention to oneself, to relieve pressure from one’s team, and to intimidate the referee.

Allegri is a winning coach, so it is even more surprising that he would indulge in these outbursts of anger. Whatever shortcomings he may have observed in the club’s management, he has nonetheless achieved the goals that were set for him. This would have been the response to counter criticism, not verbal violence and uncontrolled gestures.

However, history cannot be undone, and we will see in the coming days what kind of actions Allegri and those who were the object of his reactions will take.

Tennis and impulsivity & anger management

Tennis – It’s a sport in which you need to show emotions in order to conduct your game, which requires: technical-tactical skills, explosiveness and intense competitiveness.

Let’s not forget that tennis is a perfect combination of violent gestures placed in a context of total tranquility.

However, this approach must not turn into impulsiveness and anger that have a devastating impact on performance, no one is able to manage them in their favor because they block the mind and any form of reasoning.
In this regard, tennis players make vocal noises or shout in the act of hitting the ball. Why?

  • To perceive to hit the ball harder. Through the shouting they give more strength to the shot.
  • Discharge the emotional tension of the moment.
  • Raise the volume of the voice to prevent the accumulation of stress.
  • Assert your dominance over that territory. Remember Tarzan’s cry in the forest?
  • Scare the opponent. The object of one’s aggression is the other who must be emotionally dominated.