Timing is relevant in so many sports

Often one fails because they do the right thing at the wrong time. It means possessing the execution technique but at the same time highlighting the inability to choose the timing of execution. Closed skills (penalties, free throws, serves) rely on having the right timing. For some sports, if one doesn’t possess it, they never achieve a dignified result. Sometimes it’s said, “they never get it right” when they should wait they go, and vice versa, when they should shoot they pass, when they should maintain a certain rhythm they slow down or speed up.

Shooting in flight proposes at least three different types of timing: what to do while waiting between shots, the timing of shot preparation, and finally the shooting time. How many train themselves being aware of these three phases? When they make a mistake, to which of these three factors do they attribute the cause?

Those who engage in sports that require this kind of mental approach should reflect on these themes.

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