Always, go Berrettini

I enjoyed Matteo Berrettini’s interview with Paolo Rossi on He talks about how he lives this difficult time, love, his injuries and tennis. What he says represents his reality and how he lives this phase of his career. He is open and direct and maybe that is why others do not like him and then attack him , for the sake of criticizing. It is a common behavior in our country to viciously attack people who have achieved success because of their abilities. In this sea of mediocrity, many live by waiting for the winners to get in trouble so that they can rejoice by criticizing them.

It may be trite but I don’t think so to say that, on the contrary, we should all be proud to be represented by these guys who, regardless of their successes, are an example of dedication and commitment and I hope emulation for many others.

I would like to know the stories of those who criticize, to understand the origins of these ideas and the compelling desire to have to express them in public form.

However, “Always, go Berrettini.”

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