Serie A: what is happening

At the moment in the Serie A championship there is no opponent capable of creating problems for Napoli. Beyond the merits of this team, the other main pretenders to the Scudetto have sunk on their own for many reasons although at least one seems to me to unite them. It is the attitude with which they take the field and the conviction they show in their qualities. Milan, Inter and Juventus, to name the most important ones, have not shown this kind of psychological maturity on the field. Add to that Paolo Maldini’s statement when he said that these players still need to be trained and I think it does not only apply to the team. That said, I would not put the responsibility for this mentality only on the players but I would share it with the coaches and the other main figures in the teams. Because values based on work culture should be widely present and distributed in the club. I believe that the near absence of this approach in the teams shows what importance these clubs attach in daily practice to the mental component of performance, in words a lot but in practice almost zero. Otherwise there would be no explanation for performances that in terms of motivation will not even be acceptable from 14-year-olds. To this can be added the specifics of each (injuries, post-World Cup fatigue and psychological problems) or club problems (see Juventus or financial problems). Is it possible that, to name just a few, Juve’s Paredes, Milan’s Leao, and Inter Milan’s Lukaku are so psychologically upset that they cannot do their jobs effectively? We always talk about forms and never about people; someone asked them, “What do you lack?” What do coaches lack to succeed in this endeavor?

Below I describe some dimensions that relate to absolute level performance maybe someone will read it and start thinking about it.

Peak performance is an episode of superior functioning resulting in optimal performance outcomes that exceeded prior standards of performance.
Description of the Peak Performance Experience - being confident, focused, and in control; maintaining present moment thinking; and having a clear mind were identified as elements of the peak performance experience.
Factors That Contribute to Achieving Peak Performance - preparation training, experience psychological skills, resilience, competition planning, coach and athlete relationship
Psychological Strategies Used to Achieve Peak Performance - competition routine, Focus on task thought, control anxiety management, maximize preparation stress management, focus on self Competition plan,  Take control communication

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