To fight doping we need to teach to thing more and more to coaches and athletes

We can fight the culture of doping teaching young people think while practicing sports. To move thinking is my motto, otherwise we give reason to those who think that sport is just a matter of iron muscles, hours of training or genetics. We must, therefore, work especially on the athletes’ mind and motivation to do something they have up to now never done or they thought for them unreachable. Everyone has limits but no one will know what they are, if he/she does not want to undertake what it has not yet reached. To teach young people to move thinking  we need coaches aware of the relevance of this approach to learning sports and confidents that the psychological qualities should not be pre-existing. Without this conviction on the part of the coaches it is very difficult for young people to develop this attitude, because they will never make training with this approach. We need to bring examples from the athletes who follow this approach and that also owe their successes to this mindset. This in brief should be the future of the sport training.  We should always take with us the words of Reinhold Messners to remember us that everything is achievable.

How it was training to climb the Eigh Thousand?
“I ran. And then I went two or three times a year in Himalaya. I was always more or less in shape. Today, there are climbers who train eight hours a day. I have worked mostly with my head. My successes are also the result of the ability to do something that others thought impossible. I kept trying to figure out who in 150 years of mountaineering did move things forward. I wondered why he did it, and how he did it. I have often did only the next step. I have a normal heart, my lungs are normal, and my body is normal. Only my mind was perhaps more determined than others. and I was much more cultivated than many climbers. Even today I’m ready to bet that if you take me ten thousand first-class climbers, no one can beat me on the history of mountaineering. For me, mountaineering is not just business, it is also culture “

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