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La corsa per Lornath Kiplagat

Le parole dei campioni hanno un valore inestimabile. Lornath Kiplagat, atleta olimpica e record mondiale su strada, parla della corsa fatta di natura, persone e ambiente. Divertimento e prestazione. Incredibile: impariamo da lei.

“Where’s your favourite place to run? Definitely Iten in Kenya. Because of the natural trails, the people living around there, the atmosphere and the runners. Everyone is a runner. If you aren’t running, it’s like: “What are you doing?” You don’t struggle to run – it’s just a part of life there. The morning, the middle of the day, the night … no one minds. That’s the best place. Competition-wise, it’s the London Marathon. It’s a pity I’ve never really had a chance to win it, but I’ve always had fun there. London has always been good to me over the years, even if I didn’t perform. Many athletes think you need to win, to be top-three. I never won but I still think it’s really special. I really appreciate the way they treat the athletes here. It’s amazing.” (by The Guardian)