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Amazing video 2018 surfer Champ Stephanie Gilmore

When Steph commits her mind to a task it takes something monumental to stop her,” Beachley said on Twitter. “I congratulate Lakey for putting up a terrific fight while demonstrating the courage and conviction to achieve greatness. 2018 was Steph’s year, she is just too good. “Seven world title wins establishes her as one of the greatest athletes of all time! No one deserves it more than Steph and I am extremely proud of her.”

Stephanie Gilmore and Lakey Peterson

The women surfer and the great waves

Justine Dupont, French surfer, holds the European record for having ridden the wave higher for a woman.


Surf, skateboard and parkour: sport as a life style

In recent years there has been a huge explosion of non-traditional sports to be practiced on the streets and on the walls of the cities with a strong emotional impact for young practitioners. The main one is parkour, meaning “fighter track” that consists in moving from one point to another as efficiently as possible with all forms of movement.

Parkour.NET to preserve parkour’s philosophy against sport competition and rivalry. In the words of Erwan LeCorre: “Competition pushes people to fight against others for the satisfaction of a crowd and/or the benefits of a few business people by changing its mindset. Parkour is unique and cannot be a competitive sport unless it ignores its altruistic core of self development. If parkour becomes a sport, it will be hard to seriously teach and spread parkour as a non-competitive activity. And a new sport will be spread that may be called parkour, but that won’t hold its philosophical essence anymore.” Red Bull’s sponsored athlete for parkour, Ryan Doyle, has said, “Sometimes people ask, ‘Who is the best at parkour?’ and it is because they don’t understand what Parkour is; ‘Who is the best?’ is what you would say to a sport, and Parkour is not a sport, it is an art, it’s a discipline.

David Belle, is considered the founder of Parkour , and the idea of ​​this activity that combines athletic and acrobatic gymnastics came to George Hebert, who before World War I, promoted a type of physical activity based on that of the native Africans. But in the promotion of forms of physical activity such as real lifestyles, surfers in California were those from the ’60s have spread this way of life, and it is no coincidence that the first form of urban sport, that has become widespread in those years is a modification of the surfboard, which turned in skateboard.

To remember those who in that time began this practice I suggest to see the film Dogtown and Z-Boys , dedicated to young who spread this new activity.


Kelly Slater: The perfect surfer