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10 success rules of Tiger Woods

10 questions to become a great coach

10 rules to become a successful coach by John Salmela (1945-2014).

  1. Strive to acquire and implement new tactics and strategies
  2. Maturing as a coach takes time. Be patient and honest with yourself
  3. Just because something worked three years ago does not mean it will work today. Constantly evaluate and adjust your approaches and strategies
  4. Hard work is important and must become an accepted way of life
  5. If you want to excel, be prepared to devote more hours than you originally thought necessary
  6. Find a coaching style that suits your personally and brings the best out in you
  7. Respect is not given, but shared. If you respect your athletes, they will respect you in return
  8. Create en environment that is educational, fun and challenging your athletes
  9. Learn to communicate your thought and beliefs to your athletes
  10. Understand that as a coach, the final decision rests in your hands

Serena Williams’s 10 rules for success

Roger Federer’s 10 rules for success

Our ultimate adversaries

Today Jack Nicklaus continues to be an exceptional source of inspiration for all the athletes independently of their sport. Here remember us that the two ultimate adversaries are the course, the environmental context of the competition, and ourselves.

How much time do you spend to coach the skill to manage and reduce their influence on the performance?

Success depends upon previous preparation

In preparation for big sport events it’s crucial to get to opening day with the belief to be ready and that nothing can distract from the performance to do it. Reaching this state of mind is already a major achievement for any athlete. It does not mean to feel calm, but rather to be confident, having done everything it needed to get that appointment at the best. It’s like saying: “I am prepared to express myself at the best in this competition, I can do it.”

The preparation ends at that time and the next step is to do it. Now in the athletes’ mind emerge decisively anxieties and fears, that the athlete have to manage but who are limited by their confidence to feel ready.

In a little more than 10 months, the Olympics and Paralympics Games will start, the best athletes are engaged in qualifying and for all it will be important to reach those days feeling prepared at the best. The work of the sports psychologists will be very important for them to build this kind of mentality.

Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure. (Confucius)

What do you want for you? 4 questions to know it

Three questions are important for those who want to get the best from themselves.

  • What have I done so far to get the best of me?
  • What am I willing to do to improve the most?
  • What do I want to do tomorrow to start to do my best?
  • What frustrations am I willing to accept?

These questions are important for everyone. If you are a coach are useful to know you better and to guide you in the profession. If you are an athlete are helpful to take your life in your hands and decide if you want to succeed and how much you want to challenge you to get it. If you are a professional (psychologist, doctor, physiotherapist, manager) are useful to know what the sport represents for you; a hobby or an essential part of self-realization as a person and how much you’re willing to live in a state of continuous improvement.

In the Italian sport the women are winning

Italian sport is increasingly dominated by women, tennis, fencing, swimming, athletics are an example. It ‘s a phenomenon that reflects what happens in society, in fact even at school the girls perform better than boys and at work is increasingly difficult to limit their success. It’s time that happened, finally 50% of the world is no longer excluded.

We are an impersonal society: individual without self-awareness and relation with collectivity

We are a country  with many trouble and once again Censis highlighted some of the main flaws:

  1. 31% of parents play every day at video games for more than two hours.
  2. Not more than 20% of Italians have the minimum skills to guide and resolve, through the appropriate use of the Italian language, complex situations and problems of everyday life.
  3. We are third in the world for number of interventions in aesthetic medicine and surgery in relation to population. In 2012 in Italy the interventions of aesthetic medicine increased by 24.5%. There are 900 centers for the tattoos (cost varying from 40 to 2,000 Euros each). Every week in Italy open 4 new centers specializing in tattoos.
  4. Growing pessimism about the future and it is expected to further ethical degradation: 55% increase for the bribes, such as tax evasion (58.6%) and the practice of accepting dubious businesses (59.8%).
  5. Increase the consumption of psychotropic drugs: 16.2% of anti-depressive in 6 years.

Yesterday I wrote about the necessity to redefine the success concept, here it has been has already been redefined. Rather than the wisdom of the development of new skills,  they search fo a luck in the video games; the well-being is reached through the psychiatric drugs, tattoos and aesthtetic medicine/surgery; instead of the idea of ​​return/sharing, growing passivity and helplessness to the future and ethics; the desire to wonder gives way to an  impersonal lifestyle, copy of that one told through the lives of celebrity gossip.

We need a new definition of success

We need a definition of success more humane and sustainable. Since too many years we are living  in a society where every day we see the disastrous effects of the idea that the only thing that matters is winning. The big financial frauds and diffusion of doping in sports are here to show the pervasiveness of this mentality.
Only in these days we have the confession of a former cyclist Jan Ulrich, to be doped, the explosion of new details on the case of Schwazer and the mass protests in Brazil against the policy of the government that employs too many resources for the football World Cup  and the Olympics.

They are huge issues that dominate the nations themselves but we need answers otherwise, it is not far-fetched to imagine that in a few years there will be the Olympics of doped and who fraud, in any field, will not think of making a mistake because he will be exonerate as well as Ulrich said: “I think there’s a fraud when one takes advantage unduly. I wanted to promote equal opportunities.”

The leaders always knew that they have to speak the language of emotions, and sometimes they did eliciting the most negatives and brutals. So we have to know how to support the emotions that elicit positive reactions in ourselves and in our community. In the direction to reach a new definition of success – beyond the money and the power – Arianna Huffington organized a talk about this theme, Third Metrics Conference

One of the ideas discussed was this: people want to engage in something with all your heart in order to find a meaning (Ryumon Gutierrez Baldoquin). It is not just a philosophical idea but is the basis of motivation, so each of us wants to improve thanks to its commitment. The problem is that the idea of ​​success at all costs is destroying this basic concept, it’s time to fight it, otherwise we will have a future that is increasingly doped.

We cannot live a life with fear of failure, there is no motivation supporting this lifestyle for a long time, the result is only an increase in stress and discomfort to live. We must learn to think and speak in terms of us and not of me and them. We have to leave the logic I win and you lose, if we we will think in term of us we will leave the logic of the winner, because we have pursued the interest of the community. So let us strive to put into practice the tenets that will make us get out of this negative success vision for our community, redefining it in terms of well-being, wisdom, return, empathy and ability to amaze us.