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The possible balance between dreams and obstacles

We can dream and think positively, but at the same time we must consider the obstacles we face in reaching our goals and for each of them we must have a solution.

The key words of this new approach are: in order to achieve relevant goals, individuals must anticipate the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving them.

Identifying obstacles for the future is useful for two reasons. First, if the number of obstacles standing in the way is too large, then it can actually help people make effective decisions about when they should give up on a goal.

Second, when the obstacles are potentially manageable, then contrasting the present with the future gives people an opportunity to plan for how to overcome the obstacles that arise.

Bombs at the Boston marathon

The marathon is a sport event that brings people together, spectators and athletes, in the desire to spend a day of joy. For many running the marathon is the realization of a dream, it’s the expression of their vitality, a journey full of personal meanings. This day for Boston is also the celebration of the Patriot’s Day, the beginning of the independence war  of the American colonies  by the British Empire. Moreover this year the last kilometers of the race had been dedicated to children and teachers involved in the massacre of Newtown, the city where a man, few months ago, made a killing in the elementary school. Whoever did this wanted to break this dream and make us feel helpless.

Effort and dreams

Champion: Pietro Mennea won the gold medal at the 1980 Olympics

“Because the effort is never wasted. You suffer but you dream.” Pietro Mennea