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To win it needs to lose

“I make mistakes, that’s why I always win,” said Russell Coutts yesterday, 4 times champion of America’s Cup  with three different teams. The same phrase it has already been said by Michael Jordan: “In my life I have failed often and I continued to go wrong. Which is why I’ve been successful.”

Easy to say when you’re a star world … but if it is true? If it was just how you react to errors the difference to be a good athlete or a champion? In this case, the secret  consists to accept the mistakes, do not experience them as personal failures but as a necessary opportunity  to find the right way to perform.

Do you think at a coach of a young athlete who tells him/her: “You must be happy to make mistakes, because only in this way you can understand the right track.” How many coaches do you know who speak like Coutts and Jordan?