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10 good reasons to take a deep breath

10 good reasons to learn to take a deep breath

  1. improves self-control in stress situations
  2. improves the management of physical and mental fatigue
  3. first action to take when you want to relax
  4. precedes the visualization of a technical or competition action
  5. reduces the mental tension and stimulates effective thoughts
  6. promotes muscle stretching during this phase of training
  7. reduces impulsive verbal responses
  8. facilitates immediate recovery after a high intensity exercise
  9. further deepens the focus on the task
  10. reduces pre-race or competitive activation if it’s the case

Returning to sport and athletes’ needs during the coronavirus

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As long as I breath, I hope


“As long as I breathe, I hope.”


… reciting pieces of a trial in a court on a steep climb learned to pronounce the maximum number of words with a single exhalation.

He trained himself to speak in a medium tone that could be heard at 50 paces. Never bend your neck, don’t move your shoulders. The eyes must always follow the gesture unless you have to reject an eventuality. To use your fingers, bend your middle finger towards your thumb, extending the other three.

MIlik’ goal: breath, look and shoot

In the last minute of the match in Serie A the Milik’s goal to Cagliari is a perfect example of what does it mean be focuses on the task. First, the player takes a breathing to relax the body and second, he looks at the gate to reach the attentional peak, and some instance later kick the ball extremely well. With this shot Napoli won the match

Risultati immagini per milik gol



Do you know to breath?

I am often asked to give some practical suggestions to reduce stress and anxiety produced by strenuous workouts, the desire to excel or expectations of the sporting environment and family. I will do it in this blog and others that will follow and I want to begin from an action that every human being is continuously without interruption: breathe. In general, athletes do not know, how many other people, perform a deep breath and especially ignore the reasons why they should. First, it must be said that a deep abdominal breathing can afford both to reduce the level of tension that is proof at that time as well as can increase the level of activation.

To breathe you have to take the air from the nose, initially fills the lower part of the lungs, making sure that the diaphragm moves down and this is the reason why the abdomen is out. Subsequently, the air occupies the middle part of the lungs, thus the lower ribs and sternum are raised; the thorax expands immediately after, when the air invades also the upper part of the lungs. Of course, there are not three distinct phases but a single rhythmic motion breathing. Hold the air for a few seconds in order to allow the lungs to absorb oxygen that you have just introduced. Finally, take the air out gradually from the mouth. We can start from the execution of 3 deep breaths in order to arrive to make 7/8. This exercise should be carried out during the warm-up and when you do the stretching. The purpose is to get used to perform properly and increasingly automated this exercise. It should be recalled that a breath of this type must have a duration of about 20 seconds, for which it will make 3 breaths in about 1 minute. If you want to improve the state of mental calm while breathing can mentally repeat the words as “calm … relaxed” or you can think of past experiences where it was quiet. Of course I’m talking about exercises to do for now in training in order to increase the  self-control.

On the other hand you will have a higher activation state of mind if you are breathing as it has now been described, but with a little variation. When you have completed the inhalation phase  you must hold the air inside and with open arms must bend forearms for 5 times ( corresponding to 5 seconds), and only at the end of it   phase of exhalation start. In this way the movement of the arms acts as a pump that pushes with more rapidity oxygen throughout the body and at the end of a few breaths you will perceive clearly a greater sense of mental activation.