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It’s time to promote the athletes’ and coaches’ mental health

The NGO of Athletic in UK are working with Believe Perform to create new online resources for athletes, coaches and parents around mental health and performance.

Great news!



Results at any price?

Try not to be among those who neglect the lives of athletes and do not care about their well-being.

Mental disorders among rugby players

Another study showing again that the mental disorders are very common in the professional sports.

Abstract. The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of symptoms of common mental disorders among professional rugby players across countries. A cross-sectional analysis of the baseline questionnaires from an ongoing prospective cohort study was conducted. Nine national players’ associations and three rugby unions distributed questionnaires based on validated scales for assessing symptoms of common mental disorders. Among the whole study sample (N=990; overall response rate of 28%), prevalence (4-week) of symptoms of common mental disorders ranged from 15% for adverse alcohol use to 30% for anxiety/depression. These findings support the prevalence rates of symptoms of common mental disorders found in previous studies among professional (i. e., elite) athletes across other sports, and suggestions can be made that the prevalence of symptoms of anxiety/depression seems slightly higher in professional rugby than in other general/occupational populations. Awareness of the prevalence of symptoms of common mental disorders should be improved in international rugby, and an interdisciplinary approach including psychological attention should be fostered in the medical care of professional rugby players. Adequate supportive measures to enhance awareness and psychological resilience would lead not only to improved health and quality of life among rugby players but arguably to enhanced performance in rugby.

(byVincent Gouttebarge et al., Int J Sport Med)

Mental illness in athletes

 I found a very interesting the article on psychopathological problems of athletes, published yesterday in the New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/30/sports/with-no-one-looking-mental-illness-in-athletes-can-stay-hidden.html?ref=sports&_r=0). It is said that athletest suffering of hese disorders  are left alone, unlike what it’s the case when they have a physical problem or are injured, in those situation they are surrounded by doctors, physiotherapists and managers. The athlete must be a warrior who cannot show this difficulties, otherwise they will be considered as a weak and not a tough person. Someone behaves differently as Luther Wright, who wrote a book “A Perfect Fit” in which he talked about his story from celebrity, NBA player, to drugs and drunk. In the book he said that you cannot become ill, or did you come out, because all think that you will not reach the performance highest level. (http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700087866/Book-review-Luther-Wrights-book-describes-time-with-Utah-Jazz.html?pg=all)