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Juventus new winning mind

Before the fury, then the technique. It seems to me that this is the evolution, in last years, has had the mentality of Juventus. Undisputed champions like Buffon and Pirlo, among others, had already won a lot and shown to have this approach to football, but a winning team is a lot more of their individual personalities and it had to prove that all possess and bring to the pitch this mentality. The work of Conte had the merit of bringing the fury in the game, that  physical and mental intensity coming before the technique, the team had to show for ninety minutes each game. Allegri has completed this team, which had won three consecutive Italian championships, changing the play ssystem and bringing more attention to the technical work, and on how necessary it’s to continually improve it. Today we talk about what it has been unexpectedly reached the final of the Champions League, but in sports there are no miracles. The team has, however, been shown to have exceeded the psychological limitations that prevented it from playing in order to achieve this goal. This results comes from a great training but also from a winning condition, at least in Italy, and on this confidence it has been possible to build, obstacle after obstacle, this willingness to go beyond the limits. Now everything is possible, because history teaches us that David beat Goliath. Juventus goes to Berlin with a joyful attitude, because they are months that it’s pursuing the dream that, day after day, with the hard work and dedication, it has become a reality and this is a significant psychological advantage to better address this last game. Barcelona, ​​super-favorite may run into a false start as Bolt did in the 100m final at the 2011 World Championships, resulting in disqualification. An example of superficial mind approach dictated by feel fated to win. Juventus will serve the enthusiasm accumulated in the last weeks combined with calm, that will enable it to enhance its play, the one taught by Allegri. Certainly Juventus, on its way in the Champions League, was also lucky and this has highlighted another characteristic, typical of the winning teams: to take advantage of favorable conditions. In fact, it won when it had to win and it’s not easy to get this result, because not confident teams often lose these games not thinking, losing their cool when the goal does not come immediately or if the opposing team is showing more difficult to overcome. In these cases, who should win become insecure, while the opponent gains confidence and can overturn the result in its favor, including the disbelief of the favorites. Commitment, total dedication and technique are the key to this success.

Pirlo and Totti and then vacuum

Instagram, le foto degli atleti italiani più amate del 2014

Andrea Pirlo e Francesco le last legends of the Italian soccer.

Juve-Toro: the relevance of the trivial mistakes that change the results

Juve-Toro, at the end the result came from two details occurred in the last minute of the match: Benassi, Torino player, losesa  contrast with Bonucci and Pirlo scores a goal. Today the journalist Gianni Mura wrote: “It was enough to throw it out, the ball. Instead it is Pirlo to throw it inside.”  The history follows simple but cruel rules. A trivial mistakes determines a unique situation, we are just few seconds from the end, and the champion takes full advantage. This is the soccer, the same incident had happened a few days before when Roma lost game against CSKA. The problem is not having lost a ball, but have lost it a few seconds from the end, when in fact the player have to hold it at any cost or send it out, just to prevent the re-start of the opponents, in particular against Juventus a team fighting for every ball until the last instant and with players who can change in an instant the result. Do not remember this from the young Benassi, and a total of the whole team, is a serious mental error, because of the effect it may determine. Each game is made up of moments like these, the players must learn to recognize them and act so as not to damage their own team or to use it to change the outcome.

The mental fatigue in football

Overload from mental fatigue is a cost that athletes must learn to manage for staying at the top. The most successful athletes at the end of the Olympics will take a long rest period to eliminate the stress and to recharge their motivation for the future engagements. In the individual sports choices such as Federica Pellegrini did, to dedicate a season to do lower-intensity activity are common in athletes at international level, because mentally you cannot live each year with the hassle of having to prove that you are always the best. Tiger Woods himself spent three years to recover from this crisis, in which it was stuck and go back to being number 1. Three years are the equivalent of 1,000 days when he lost many, many more times than winning . In team sports, take a rest period is not possible. The strong teams are organized every year to achieve the highest possible goal, in football it’s reflected in winning the championship or at least get in the Champions League. Juventus players are in this state of mind, they are tired and so far have not been able to enter in the field with the attitude needed to win . They have made up for with the skills and with the quality of some players, but it’s not enough. It would take clones of Pirlo and his mates but it’s fantasy and the new one are not necessarily best of theothers. Juventus must, however, reduce the level of fatigue and mental stress to find again that motivation to the effort and sacrifice in training and match, which are behind the successes of the two previous years. Certainly a sport psychologist who could help them to relax and recharge would be helpful.

Totti and Pirlo: the last Italian footbal champions

Francesco Totti and Andrea Pirlo are a bit as the last of the Mohicans, at the end of their career it can be said that they were the last champions that Italian football has produced. We have always had great champions like Mazzola, Rivera, Bulgarelli, Baggio, Mancini, Del Piero, Vialli, Zola to name just a few, but now it’s finished. Who do we thank for this state of affairs, I would say those who are at the center of football and then coaches and physical trainers. My idea of ​​how this happened is simple. Arrigo Sacchi has revolutionized football by introducing the total football, however, this type of play was interpreted by the strong champions who played in Milan, as well as the first was introduced by the Dutch national team where there were some of the strongest players of the world. When the system has spread it became barbaric and the guys spent much time learning tactics and preparing them physically instead learn technique. In doing so, it is almost impossible to emerge a young talent, because Rivera and Maradona would have been discarded as too physical weak or might not have ever played football in a club because they would be bored.

Then it would be the time that the coaches put aside their tactical narcissism  and physical trainers their ideas more useful for american football players and together devote much more time to teach the football technique, which is to take, pass and shoot the ball.

The actions increasing the sense of belonging

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