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The first girl at Ferrari

The 16-year-old Dutch girl, Maya Weug, will move to Maranello and in 2021 will take part in all the activities of the academy, she is the first girl to enter Ferrari’s Driver Academy. “When you lower the visor of the helmet we are all equal, you can no longer see the difference between male and female…. Entering this academy is a great feeling. To be the first woman to get in here is historic, I’m happy to be able to prove that it’s possible to do it.”

Maya’s arrival at the same school attended by Mick, Schumi’s son, is a tangible sign of the Scuderia’s commitment to making motorsport increasingly inclusive. Marco Matassa, Director of the Ferrari Driver Academy: “We are very happy to welcome Maya to the Ferrari Driver Academy. We were impressed by her dedication and preparation both from an athletic point of view and in terms of her approach to competition”.

Maya Weug herself states, “I will remember this day forever! I am beside myself with joy at becoming the first Ferrari Driver Academy driver. Winning the final round of the FIA ‘Girls on Track – Rising Stars’ program makes me realize that I have done well in pursuing my dream all these years. I will give it my all.”

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Ferrari: the team victory

Skill, aggressiveness and sharing. It was the winning mix of Ferrari and Vettel.

The team – In the last months, it was calm and focused on enhancing their skills. Vettel said: “We focused on what we had to do from time to time without looking around … especially in the last couple of months we were calm and we worked”.

The driver – Vettel was aggressive towards Hamilton, pressed him and he surrendered. Emanuela Audisio wrote that he followed the advice he gave his defenders Nereo Rocco (former Milan manager): “follow him even in the bathroom.”

The team and the driver - throughout this time Vettel and the crew never stop to talk together, they shared ideas and this common attitude. Vettel said: “happiness in particular. In Maranello people were happy to work together. With each other. There were no shortcuts, you had to work so hard, think so much about what you did; and you can make  all this sacrifice only if you are driven by passion, desire”



Ayrton Senna

Remembering the mith of Tazio Nuvolari

Tazio Giorgio Nuvolari was born in Castel d’Ario (Mantova, Italy), November 16, 1892, went down in history as one of the sport’s greatest drivers of all time. He began the races not very young, in 1920, alternating bikes and cars and arriving in excel with one and other. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of his death, in Castel d’Ario, his hometown, Sunday, Sept. 15 will inaugurate the exhibition “Artists for Nuvolari” at Sartori Museum. Ferdinand Porsche called him “the greatest driver of the past, present, and future.”

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