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John McEnroe: in the realm of perfection

From the archives of the 1980s Roland Garros, the documentary was born: “John McEnroe: in the realm of perfection” by Julien Faraut. Filmed in 16 mm, the documentary highlights the problems of coexistence between the most impetuous and brilliant champion of all times and the public and referees thanks to a film crew that has captured every move of the famous US tennis player.

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Wilkinson and the quantum physics: an unbelievable book

The first news is that Jonny Wilkinson is passionate about quantum physics. “All my life I have been obsessed with achieving perfection and was disappointed. Until one day I started looking for another way to get a different perception of the world and my work. First of all, I turned to Buddhism (…). And shortly after I found out that there were ties between my work and quantum physics. “In particular, to have fascinated Wilko is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. The German scientist said that in certain fields natural laws do not lead to a complete determination of what happens in space and time, the occurrence depends form the game of chance. “If even in quantum physics not everything is controllable, Wilkinson must have thought, why should it be rugby? Better to relax.” There’s a first level that you can handle: the ball. If you kick the ball a hundred thousand times, in the end I can reach the same result in the game. And little by little I feel I can control everything. Then there is a second level, in which many things are inscrutable, in which another part of me is called into question, the part about instinct, deep emotions. And that’s where I can really be myself, connect to the world, and even learn something new.” So it turns out that, paradoxically, for Jonny the kick is the least interesting of rugby. At one point, describes him as “a work from postman.”