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Be the best and the winner: Michael Jordan dominant thought

In these days, after the conclusion of the beautiful series “The last Dance” we read articles about the exceptionality of Michael Jordan and also about his dominant thought of being the best. If you read this table, published in my book of 2004, you find the results of a research of 2001 where this psychological dimension and others are the ones that successful athletes show… so the important thing is to train in this way! Michael Jordan was the GOAT but this is track to become a winner.

Amazing Cristiano Ronaldo

Amazing Cristiano Ronaldo!!! Like Michael Jordan.

ImmagineMichael Jordan rejects the New Jersey Nets' Chris Gatling at the rim in Game 1 of an Eastern Conference playoffs first-round series in 1998. With Jordan scoring 32 or more points in each game, the Bulls made quick work of the Nets, eliminating them in three games.

From great to blah

In an unbelievable review The Daily Beast talks about the greatest stars who had failed in the role of coaches and manager. Among them myths like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson:  http://www.thedailybeast.com/galleries/2013/06/14/from-great-to-blah-star-athletes-who-failed-as-bosses.html#815027b6-2b8e-4092-9a13-dc2dcb24cde5



To win it needs to lose

“I make mistakes, that’s why I always win,” said Russell Coutts yesterday, 4 times champion of America’s Cup  with three different teams. The same phrase it has already been said by Michael Jordan: “In my life I have failed often and I continued to go wrong. Which is why I’ve been successful.”

Easy to say when you’re a star world … but if it is true? If it was just how you react to errors the difference to be a good athlete or a champion? In this case, the secret  consists to accept the mistakes, do not experience them as personal failures but as a necessary opportunity  to find the right way to perform.

Do you think at a coach of a young athlete who tells him/her: “You must be happy to make mistakes, because only in this way you can understand the right track.” How many coaches do you know who speak like Coutts and Jordan?

Dedicato a chi ha paura di sbagliare

“Nella mia carriera ho sbagliato più di 9.000 tiri. Ho perso circa 300 partite. Per 26 volte ho creduto di fare il tiro-partita e l’ho sbagliato. Nella mia vita ho fallito spesso e ho continuato a sbagliare. Ed è per questo che ho avuto successo” (Michael Jordan ).