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A survey on Psychology market in Italy

Saturday 11.12.2016 in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology “La Sapienza” University of Rome was presented a market survey on professional psychology in Italy organized by ENPAP National Welfare and Assistance for Psychologists.

Starting from the evidence that the demand for psychology is no longer addresses only to cure the malaise but to the promotion and spread of wealth, the institution has commissioned to  a research institute a survey during the summer of 2015. The research was structured into:  focus groups, interviews with various experts, about a thousand questionnaires were administered to the population and a desk analysis.

During the presentation  were highlighted some data about the current situation of the professional market in psychology.

One of the most interesting data is that the demand of psychology is in significant and steady growth, in fact there was been a progressive increase in the income received from members since 1996 (year of the foundation Ente) since now; the annual income produced by psychological services in the Italian market has gone, in 20 years, from 110 million to about 800 million euro.

It is noted that the overall average  income for 2014 is € 13,360.The survey shows that the market is in great transformation, in fact, the professional psychology is confronted with new order issues not strictly clinical.

Society’s requests to psychologists can be very different from the past and the theme of professional repositioning may be even more important than it has been in recent years.

One of the questions which the survey answers is on population’s perception of  the figure of the psychologist among the population: the psychologist is no longer seen as “crazy people’s  doctor” but as a private practitioner “specialist of the mind” that can offer support specifically, helping finding well-being and emotional balance or bring out latent problems.

Its main capabilities are: to balance, to treat, to cure and to improve.

In conclusion, we can imagine a perspective in which the psychologist will explore new applications to meet the contemporary needs of society, will be closer to the population in the growing uncertainty about the future.

Source: E-Book: Market survey on professional psychology in Italy, new needs, new areas, new roles. By ENPAP


by Emiliano Bernardi e Massimiliano de Angelis