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The new psychological maturity of the Italian rugby team

Italy rugby has always been a nice unfinished, sometimes it won a game but usually it fell so ruinous by the more relevant teams. Some weeks ago Brunel, the national coach, said that any team can make an exploit and win a game, but the teams technically and psychologically mature are able to win others and to be competitive. This season, Italy had behaved in this way a few times, winning against France and playing on par with the British and quite well with New Zealand, but then it was lost again with Wales and Scotland. In other words, he had lost games who would win, Wales and Scotland, where then the greater was the competitive pressure, which stemmed from the knowledge that they can get a positive result; whereas it was certain to lose and so scarce was the level of pressure, the team played its best games while losing. This showed that the technical-tactical and physical condition were good but lacked the confidence to play with opponents of the same level, where the difference was much more the team played less obsessed by the result and this has allowed it to play better. The match against Ireland was then a good opportunity for the national team to prove that it was able to play to win against an opponent of equal level and, therefore, in a situation of maximum competitive pressure. The national team has won and then passed this test of maturity and it’s not been casual the team did many points with kicks which have always been a weak point and on the contrary in this game have been placed at the sign.