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Tennis: focus on the performance and not on results

The qualifying tournament for the Internazionali di Tennis in Rome continues. It will be important for all players to be more and more focused on their performance, their game, rather than being dominated by the score.

It means:

  1. Being focused on playing the games well without forcing yourself to make the point.
  2. Playing each point without being in a hurry to finish it.
  3. Moving fluidly and decisively in the decisive moments of the game.
  4. Prepare to serve by taking the necessary time to execute it.
  5. At the end of each point, first reduce tension by lengthening the exhalation and then reactivate for the next exchange.
  6. Give yourself brief technical instructions on how to play at that stage of the game.
  7. Always tell each other what to do and never what not to do.
  8. Have your eyes open to your opponent preparing to serve.
  9. Always keep your feet happy and your movement quick.
  10. Remember that up to the last point you can overturn an unfavorable result.

In summary, it means being focused on how you want to play without thinking about the result.