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MIlik’ goal: breath, look and shoot

In the last minute of the match in Serie A the Milik’s goal to Cagliari is a perfect example of what does it mean be focuses on the task. First, the player takes a breathing to relax the body and second, he looks at the gate to reach the attentional peak, and some instance later kick the ball extremely well. With this shot Napoli won the match

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Everyone looks, some observe

Everyone looks, some observe. Everyone looks, as this word indicates the direction of the eyes toward something, without necessarily this affecting consciously  to know what it’s happening on the field. So true is this statement that when you want to qualify better and make more specific the action of watching you add an attribute that does understand the intention of the viewer, like “look insistently, watching with interest, to look with contempt, look with love”and so on. To a person, look at an event is not sufficient to understand what is happening, in her effort to watch an event she will have to perform a further step beginning to look. In fact, to observe means:

“Examining, consider carefully, even with the help of tools, in order to know better, to realize something, to detect the details, or to make judgments and considerations of various kinds … Sometimes refers more to  the mind focus than to the eye … carefully lay eyes on something or on people, both for simple curiosity, both with the critical intention to note defects, to find others in foul “ (Dictionary of the Italian Language, Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia).

The observation is therefore the act through which the coaches and athletes become aware of the performance behavior of the athletes themselves or their opponents, as well as the skills used during the performance and, more generally, all those aspects which are considered relevant and worthy of being noticed.