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Much more alone

They left in a heartbeat Renato, Corrado, John, Bob e ora Gianni, it’s terrible.

May the earth be gentle on you.

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Roma: too much self-esteem and expectations

I think the problem of Roma, beyond the skill of Bayern can be summarized as follows: sometimes you just need to reduce expectations to avoid unnecessary disappointments.

Gianni Mura expressed on laRepublica the same concept with other words: “But if the self-confidence grew after the good match at Manchester, perhaps grown too much, now they have to pick up together the pieces and find again the play but also the character lost “.

The Juventus characteristics

Gianni Mura wrote today that work, humility, sacrifice and sweat were the Juventus’ characteristics, to win the championship for the second consecutive season. He’s right, in fact, there are no special secrets to know what to do to win. As a psychologist I know that concentration, fighting spirit, toughness and sense of group are the psychological dimensions that it needs to develop and maintain. And this happens only when the issues highlighted by Mura are a daily part of the commitment of the players as individuals and as a group. This approach explains why for a coach is not enough to be a good technician but he must also be the commander in chief, who teaches the team to compete to win; to enter in the field with a willingness to fight imposing its mentality to the opponents.