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Hall of Fame of sport psychology

The induction into the ISSP Hall of Fame is a recognition that ISSP bestows to globally outstanding scholars, practitioners, and organizational leaders in the field of sport and exercise psychology. Our inductees are immortalized for their contributions to research, practice, and/or international leadership and the lasting impact they have left in sport and exercise psychology. The ISSP’s Hall of Fame has been established to increase and ensure awareness of exemplary work such as the accomplishment of milestones, essential perspectives, and the development of a fundamental disciplinary framework for this profession. The ISSP Hall of Fame is open to sport and exercise psychology professionals worldwide, across sport, exercise, and psychology societies. The ISSP Hall of Fame is a historical project intended to provide an evolving historical backdrop of recognized professional greatness.


Movimento: Italian J of sport psychology

Movimento è la rivista fondata da Ferruccio Antonelli e che dirigo dal 1998. E’ una rivista che ha lo scopo di diffondere la cultura delle scienze dello sport con particolare riferimento alla psicologia e alle scienze umane attraverso la pubblicazione di ricerche scientifiche, di numeri monografici dedicati a temi specifici, di esperienze professionali significative e di best practices.

E’ una rivista autonoma da associazioni scientifiche e professionali che deve la sua permanenza sul mercato all’impegno dell’Editore Luigi Pozzi e al lavoro costante del comitato editoriale alla continua ricerca di temi di riflessioni e di studi da pubblicare.

In questo nuovo 2019, Movimento continuerà a realizzare la sua missione di diffondere i temi della psicologia e delle scienze umane ad allenatori, psicologi, dirigenti sportivi, insegnanti e più in generale si rivolge a chi vuole approfondire le proprie conoscenze in questi ambiti.

Naturalmente, saremo ben felici di ricevere articoli da professionisti e studiosi così come ricevere proposte per l’eventuale pubblicazione di numeri monotematici. Per ulteriori informazioni scrivere a: edizioni_pozzi@tin.it

45° Anniversary of International Journal of Sport Psychology

This year is also the 45° Anniversary of the International Journal of Sport Psychology founded  in 1970 by Ferruccio Antonelli and published since that time in Roma by Edizioni Luigi Pozzi. Below his word to explain the reason to start this challenge at that time.

This journal was the very first dedicated specifically to sport psychology, and it was created almost 10 years before the Journal of Sport Psychology that was published for the first time only in 1979.

“The Managing Council appointed an Editorial Board (led by Olsen), and I, too, signed a contract with a Norwegian publisher…and I received a good number of subscriptions. Because of the problems that Dr Olsen refers to, I have found myself obliged to take on the position of Chief Editor and to find another publisher at all costs and without delay in order to start the journal. A journal that would inform all members … had become a necessity, a duty.”(Antonelli, 1970, p.3-4).

Antonelli found the person who would accept this challenge in his friend, the publisher Luigi Pozzi. Pozzi himself told me that when Antonelli proposed this enterprise just a few words were necessary to persuade him to accept. One can only agree with Salmela (1999), when he states that this was truly an heroic challenge, achieved only thanks to Antonelli’s solitary determination, without financial coverage.

For $10 a year I am able to offer only two small, unassuming, issues, so there is another matter which I must reveal. When registration to the ISSP was free of charge, I received 1500 applications. When I asked for 10 dollars, not for the ISSP, that sustains no expenses and thus requires no money, but for the subscription, only 10% paid this fee. I have found a very understanding publisher, who has agreed to give up all his profit, and for this I publicly thank him from the bottom of my heart; but printing and mailing expenses are enormous. I will be able to print and send out the first issue with what I have received to date. And I will send it to all 1500 members. If necessary, I will then go ahead at my own expense … this is not an exhibition of crazy heroism … I am sure that when they receive this first issue, many members will pay the subscription fee for the second issue of 1970” (Antonelli, 1970, p.4-5).

50 years of the International Society of Sport Psychology

Sunday begins the Congress which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the foundation in Rome of the International Society of Sport Psychology. Today few people remember that on Ferruccio Antonelli April 20, 1965 this organization was founded by Ferruccio Antonelli. Below the names of the first board of directors.

The Sport Psychology was born 50 years ago in Roma

Aula Magna of the Italian Olympic Committee, Rome, the 20th of April, 1965. That was the place and moment of the inception of the International Society of Sport Psychology – ISSP, by the hands of a small group of pioneers, led by the Italian psychiatrist Ferruccio Antonelli. This happened during the 1st International ISSP World Congress of Sport Psychology marking the Modern Era of our scientific field.

From that moment professional and scientific networks were initiated, sport psychology was spread internationally, and the knowledge in this field was developed enormously. Continental societies appeared, with the North American Society of Sport and Physical Activity (NASSPA) and the European Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC), being the first two. Concurrently, National societies began to be established, mainly in the European countries. The International Journal of Sport Psychology, the very first scientific journal in the area and for many years the ISSP official publication, was founded by Antonelli and published by Luigi Pozzi Editors in Rome.

Exactly fifty years after, this historical occasion will be celebrated in the very same place of the Italian Olympic Committee Centre, in Rome. For two days (April, 2015, 19-20), the ISSP 50th Anniversary Seminar will honor the past and all those who worked for the development of the Society. Celebrating the ISSP history is also an opportunity to look to the future. Hence, the motto of the event is “A Bridge from the Past to the Future”.

The program of the ISSP 50th Anniversary Seminar will include invited keynote lectures, symposia and workshops, as well as submitted poster sessions. Reflections on the historical route will be done, namely during the Past-Presidents round-table, and the future will be symbolically represented by the lectures presented by the 2013 ISSP Developing Scholar Award winners. The 50th Anniversary Gala Banquet sponsored by Luigi Pozzi Editors will be the perfect moment for the social interaction among all the participants.

All the information on: http://www.events-communication.net/b57/index.php?lang=en