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Carlos Alcaraz mindset

In a tennis world that has long been looking for who will be the replacements of the Fabulous 3 (Federer, Djokovic and Nadal), Carlos Alcaraz’s victories are there to prove that perhaps he will be the next No.1 in the world ranking.

He said: “I would say my fitness has been important but definitely the most important part has been the mental game. I feel I have grown up so much in that part. That is why I am the World No. 9 right now and that is why I am playing at a good level. That is why I have been able to win great matches, so I think [my mentality] is the most important thing.”

His best ally is his coach who provides him with confidence. In fact, it’s certainly not easy to maintain the quality and continuity of play when you feel under pressure After the first 200 km/h forehand shots, Ferrero nods calmly, maintains self-control without getting caught up in euphoria or despondency. It can be said that this type of non-verbal relationship serves to keep Alcaraz in a stable emotional condition

Alcaraz maintains this self-control even in negative game situations, remaining confident. Even in these cases, he continues the nonverbal relationship with Ferrero as if to say, “Coach, don’t worry,” and Ferrero returns the nod here, saying, “Okay, go ahead!”