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In Italy, no square for physical activity at school

I read the rules for opening schools in Italy.

Physical activity has disappeared and gyms will become classrooms.

Dysfunctional conception of young people’s development is highlighted.

Obesity and sedentarily will increase: the parents’ weight status, their level of education and family income are associated with the Child’s Body Mass Index. So those who are more disadvantaged will be even more!

Soccer school for children with intellectual disabilities

The project Calcio Insieme, promoted by Roma Cares Foundation in collaboration with the sport association Accademia di Calcio Integrato, has the aim to promote the motor and the football teaching in young people between 6 and 12 years with intellectual disabilities in order to improve the  quality of their lives through the ongoing practice of sport, to teach a model of football adequate for them and to build a community in which school, families, sports organization and staff can be feel part of a common project centered on children with intellectual disabilities. The purpose of the project is to create the conditions to promote the empowerment of everyone regardless of their starting skills, as it has been defined by the nternational Paralympic Committee.
Currently participating in the program 30 children, including 3 girls, 10 football  instructors, 4 sports psychologists, 1 speech therapist, 1 sport physician, in addition to: technical director, responsible for relations with schools and families, scientific director, journalist , project manager and administration. At the end of this first year we will be published the results achieved regarding the motor aspects, football learning and psychosocial children.