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Learning from the biggest mistakes

Psychological themes of this week:

The Juventus case - two goals conceded as soon as the game started, and especially at the beginning of each half. Why weren’t they ready? How could Bentancur have been so distracted? What is the mental approach to important games? You can make a mistake at the beginning of the first half, but how can you also make a mistake at the beginning of the second half?

Italian women’s skiing disaster at the World Championships - Too much nervousness from the athletes? How did the coaching staff prepared to handle these legitimate expectations of victory? There is a syndrome created by Sofia Goggia injury? How do you make a mistake on the third stick: too much impulsiveness at the start?

These are cases to be studied in depth, certainly not to find fault but to identify through the knowledge of the reasons that created these problems, how to avoid them in the future.

The disaster of the Italian track&field

The forced resignation of Antonietta De Martino at the Olympics is the last bad thing that struck the Italian athletics. It ‘s a sport in Italy which provides positive results only because a champion often emerges in a completely random sample. The reasons that the Italian Federation of Athletics uses to explain this disaster usually relate to the lack of  sports at school (true) and the indifference of youth to a sport that is physically very tiring (false). This is a sport in which since the time of Sara Simeoni  (olimpic medallist high jump) coaches of the best athletes  are very often their husbands or parents, and where often the technical directors (with some exceptions) play a very marginal role. Furthermore, most athletes are training almost alone with the only support of their coach. In the third millennium, we are still at the time of the tutors that the aristocrats put alongside their children to provide an adequate culture. How can upgrade the training methods of these good coaches? How we can have a comparison with those used by the world’s strongest? Not to mention the emotional support so necessary in the sport of  high level and totally ignored by Italian organizations of athletics.  So here we do nothing while the U.S. Federations organized a workshop for his coaches to understand how one should train to avoid getting quarters and not on the podium, of course, it was found that in addition to aspects related to the biomechanics and nutrition third crucial element is the improvement of attention in the race. Someone will tell you never to Italian organizations ?