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The most difficult skills to teach our sons

The three psychological skills to teach our sons starting from the infancy. Useful also for teachers and coaches.
  • Think before acting
  • Retain and manipulate information
  • Change the behaviors when situational and environmental changes happen

Teach the behaviors that enhance the technique

It seems to me that the sport technique is taught well to young people but coaches doesn’t spend a lot of time in teaching behaviors which are best to be able to use this technique. For example, in tennis once a young  has learned to serve, he must practice it in the best way the most number of times. At this point,  at the young player is no longer devoted as much attention because she has acquired the technical gesture. My opionion is that the tennis player despite having acquired this skill, he is not yet able to reproduce it. In the best case she is scrupulous, some will try to stay focused before performing the gesture and then serve. I believe that in this way the tennis player cannot know if  he’s ready to serve, while most probably do it in a mechanical way. Moreover, in this game neutral situation will never come; because the player will always serve after a game exchange and a pause of a few tens of seconds. As we all know, what you think in those seconds is important in determining how you are preparing for the service. The effectiveness of the service stems as much from the way the tennis player spends the seconds prior to the execution. The question is, how often did you train to positively prepare youryelves  to the service and, only later, to serve? You can have the best technique , but if the mind says No or is distracted , the tennis player will have a problem: he does not know how to solve it because he never practiced in this way.

Juventus must learn from Aristotle

Aristotle said that “We are what we do consistently. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.” By transferring this statement in the football world means, for example, that Roma is building in these first eight matches a positive habit that it’s the basis of excellence. Juventus, on the contrary, having taken 10 goals and lost the fighting spirit that distinguished it from other teams has to change at all costs, because what it does is creating a habit to react insufficiently. Basically habits guide our practices and Antonio Conte’s job must be to eradicate them, because the team is learning not to react collectively and there is nothing more negative.

The easy actions influencing positively the mind

Start to be more positive towards ourselves and more convinced to provide a good performance is based on the effective start showing some simple behaviors but can pass a performance from negative to positive.

These simple actions are:

  1. After a mistake take a deep breath and immediately imagine what must be done at that time.
  2. When you are too worried about the competition that you have to start, you have to imagine a positive past performance and let you feel the feelings you have while doing this exercise.
  3. During the warm-up you need to find the right feeling with the ball, the racket or the sail, you must feel that this tool is our own.
  4. During the warm-up must also be aware that the body is preparing for the competition and get pleasure from the sensations that tell that you are preparing well.
  5. You have to mentally imagine, for example if your sport is running, to feel the legs moving as you expect it to be or in case you feel too rigid insist in the warm-up to dissolve the useless muscle tensions . In relation to other sports it needs to identify what are the best exercises that tell you are ready, and devote yourself to feel the feelings for you right before the sport event.

These are just some examples of what it can do for an athlete to learn to drive himself to get in the best state of mind before and during the race.