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Soccer projects for young in prison

The road of soccer can offer young people who are in prison a way that leads out, that teaches rules and teaches how to teach. This was the goal of the Course for Football School Instructors realized a few years ago by the School Youth Dept. of the FIGC of Lazio region under the guidance of Patrizia Minocchi, with a team composed of 12 experts in the different areas of soccer.

It is a project realized in 2015 and it is worth remembering because it has never been repeated but also not to forget this experience, which should remind us how many others could be realized if there was the mentality to provide a service to society not only with words but also through projects of inclusion and professionalization of people who live really difficult phases of their lives.

Young prisoners become football coaches

Sport as a tool for social integration, learning to teach football to enter in the world of work. It was concluded January 28 the second Course  for future youth coaches ​​organized in Lazio by Italian Football Federation (FIGC) for young held in the prison “Casal del Marmo” in Rome. Young Italians, Romanians, North Africans and of other nationalities have received from Luca Pancalli, President of the Youth and Scholastic Dept. of Italian Football Federation,  a diploma that will permit them to attend to a Course for FIGC coaches, when they come out from the prison. An important first step in a process that in the coming months could bring these young to work for clubs, not only in Lazio but also in other Italian regions.

“It ‘ a very fulfilling experience – explains the regional coordinator of the SGS -FIGC Lazio, Patrizia Minocchi – made ​​possible by a staff of coaches, sport psychologists, and physicians really good. There were about twenty guys who have taken the Course and all did  the final exam, which involved  a project work and a practical test in the pitch.  The night before the exam many of them did not sleep for the excitement. The next Course is expected to begin by the end of May. “We have also decided to make a documentary film – says Patrizia Minocchi – because we would like to repeat this teaching model throughout the country. Football has a truly universal language and it is right that everyone can see the results of this wonderful experience.”