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Tottenham and Atalanta without resilience

Yesterday Champions League matches showed a resilience problem in some teams, such as Tottenham (it lost 7-2 to Bayern) and Atalanta (2-1 to Shaktar). Both teams were unable to react positively to the difficulties of the match.

In fact, resilience refers precisely to the ability to react immediately to a problem. It is the ability that allows people to react to defeats by going back stronger than before. These people, rather than being overwhelmed by failure and blocking their determination, find instead a way to rise from those defeats.

Let’s also say that teams that often lose matches, as in this period in Serie A (Spal, Sampdoria, Genoa and Milan) and those that, usually, play below their level show a lack of resilience. The same goes for the coaches who lead them.

  • To develop the resilience players and teams need to:
  • Know the situations you have to deal with in detail
  • Have a plan to deal with them successfully
  • Be prepared to adapt immediately to new and unforeseen situations
  • Believe in one’s own personal and team skills, making the maximum effort to implement them
  • Be able to react positively and immediately to an error
  • Communicate and support companions throughout the match
  • Reduce tension when possible and during game breaks

These are skills that should be constantly improved. For the coaches the questions are:

  1. Am I aware of the importance of resilience?
  2. Am I convinced I can coach it?
  3. How often do I coach it in my team?


Milan lose for lack of will

Yesterday’s match AC Milan-Atalanta is an example of how the defeat could depend on the lack of will, which it has been showed during the match in terms of reduced commitment, lack of fighting spirit, excessive distractions and misakes, distance between players and so on. Inzaghi has said that the team, saw yesterday, is not the real one, “after beating Napoli and deserved to win against Roma we cannot be these one … serve availability, will, heart.” This sentence contains two important truths. The first: it is easier to play with serenity against top teams because the team has nothing to lose. Against them Milan does not have to win at all costs and thus the team can play more confident. Second, it is much more difficult to show that attitude against the other teams, which in turn want to get a winning result, because they play against the team second in the world for trophies won. It’s just against these teams that Milan should show the availability and willingness asked by Inzaghi. To achieve this goal it needs as recalled the journalist Gianni Mura “less narcissises and more true players.” It’s around these mental group aspects that Inzaghi should coach the team, otherwise whatever type of play he will propose he will not see it ever implemented for lack of will.

Inzaghi has to coach the will of his players by acting on personal and group motivation, self-determination, will to take initiatives, fast mistake control, volitional efficacy, awareness of the player roles in the pitch, goal maintenance during the match . He must daily challenge the players to show this attitude against any team regardless of its name and rank.

Players blasphemous, Atalanta punishes them

Two young football players of Atalanta team have been protagonists of a blasphemous scene and the club have punished them severely. Both were suspended from training and condemned to two weeks of social activities  at a youth community near Bergamo (Italy) . The two boys, aged 16 and 17, a few days ago while they were in the school  have played with a crucifix,  the scene has been posted on Facebook by other boys. (Ansa)