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Juventus is victim of its successes

Juventus seems to be a victim of its own successes (9 consecutive championships won). The team has changed several players, but when you join a club with these results behind you, you can be prone to assume an arrogant mentality, centered on the results of the near past, but not belonging to the present. In this way, you can play a game with a mental approach to wait for the expected positive result, victory. This approach can also explain the mistakes of superficial behaviors committed by Arthur against Benevento and by Bentancur in the Champions League that gave away a goal to the opponents.

A typical mistake of arrogance lies in the condition that the normal rules for this team do not apply. The successes of past years can blind the team, prone them to believe that a winning solution is always available anyway.
Another mistake of this mentality is the belief in one’s own ability to solve games. It is certainly a positive belief, but only if it is coupled with the necessary commitment, otherwise it remains only an optimistic hope.

A third error of this arrogant mentality lies in the explanations provided by the coach, Andrea Pirlo, who interprets, at least publicly, these negative results with some errors of individual players. It is obvious that there have been mistakes, but in a team these errors of mentality of the single players manifest themselves when there is a lack of team cohesion in the commitment with which to face the matches. There has been a lack of player-leaders who must maintain high levels of focus during the game without the game becoming impulsive and too fast.

The referee mistakes

Start a new season in football as for the other team sports, and referees play a vital role for the proper running of the championships. To the umpires does not like to be told that they can make mistakes for excessive personal arrogance or  subordination to the teams and players. I’m not talking about technical incompetence, because in this case the mistake is not so much the referee showing this difficulty, but rather of those who have designated him for that game. On the contrary, even the most experienced international referee can make mistakes due to an excess of will to impose himself or viceversa due to an excessive caution in respect of the home team or  the most famous players. Errors of presumption or subjection toward the opponents are also showed by the high-level teams, because they are part of those behaviors in which anyone can fall when the competitive tension is very intense. The referees and their managers should not therefore deny this kind of errors, because they can occur even in the most competent people. The referees should be trained to recognize when these attitudes begin to appear in their behaviors on the field, so as to correct them immediately. A rule that I would like to transmit to the referees is to never deny themselves a difficult time but instead to recognize it as soon as possible and change their behaviors in a positive way.

Quando la presunzione è un ostacolo

La partita dll’arbitro Rocchi è stata ampiamente valutata in modo negativo. Non ha compiuto solo un errore ma una serie dall’ammonizione iniziale alla convalida del goal dopo il rigore. Dal punto di vista mentale non sono errori dovuti alla velocità del gioco o al non essere posizionato in modo da potere vedere, perchè errori di questo tipo se ne può commettere uno e non quattro consecutivimnell’arco di 30 minuti. Si tratta, a mio avviso, di un tipico errore di presunzione e di arroganza, a conferma di ciò Rocchi non si è mai consultato con i suoi collaboratori. Siamo in questo caso nella situazione opposta alla subordinazione psicologica, domina la componente autoritaria. Si può cambiare il corso della partita con decisioni che si basano su comportamenti rigidi e dogmatici. Non è facile restare equilibrati quando il ruolo pone trabocchetti quali sono l’arroganza e la subordinazione, in questo caso Rocchi non c’è riuscito.