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Ferrari: the team victory

Skill, aggressiveness and sharing. It was the winning mix of Ferrari and Vettel.

The team – In the last months, it was calm and focused on enhancing their skills. Vettel said: “We focused on what we had to do from time to time without looking around … especially in the last couple of months we were calm and we worked”.

The driver – Vettel was aggressive towards Hamilton, pressed him and he surrendered. Emanuela Audisio wrote that he followed the advice he gave his defenders Nereo Rocco (former Milan manager): “follow him even in the bathroom.”

The team and the driver - throughout this time Vettel and the crew never stop to talk together, they shared ideas and this common attitude. Vettel said: “happiness in particular. In Maranello people were happy to work together. With each other. There were no shortcuts, you had to work so hard, think so much about what you did; and you can make  all this sacrifice only if you are driven by passion, desire”



Napoli has melted in Spain

At the first big match of the new season Napoli has been eliminated from the Champions League. This was due, according to the newspapers in a “careless defensive line,” “a harmless launch from the sidelines, Albiol has not understood with Rafael, the two have made ​​surprise by Aduriz who burned them on time and he easily slipped the door was unguarded “,” the defense gives the score.” Regardless of the technical value of individual players and the team as a whole, these comments highlight the lack of psychological value of Napoli. Benitez has not build a  fighting and determined team. The attentional errors did by Napoli have been made regardless of the technical value of the single player and I am convinced that aggression is an indispensable and trainable team quality if you want to compete at a high level in Europe. Little attention is given to the search for players who possess this mental dimension in favor of the search for even the most technically gifted players in the field but that will melt like snow  at the sun. This parameter is too often forgotten and so, while in Europe the teams run and fight, we continue to complain.

Coach the fighting spirit

The fighting spirit is an important psychological dimension that an athlete must show to possess and master. Being a fighter means to be tough and persistent  to maintain the best possible performance  even in the face of the competition adversities. You can exceed on aggression, becoming fouled and dangerous to themselves and others. Instead, you can give up after the first moment of difficulty, believing that there is nothing more to be done. One of the aims of the training, it shall be to increase the fighting so that it can be express in the race.

It’s a new football season: win who will manage the emotion


It starts a new football season, this year even more important because it will end with the World Cup in Brazil. There is therefore a further reason for the players to want to play your best, with the aim to be among the 22-man squad for the World Cup in South America. In any event, each team will have its goal to be achieved: for some will not go back, for others to get into the UEFA  or confirm the result of the previous season, for others it will be to win the championship or play the Champions League. Beyond the technical and tactical level possessed, each team will show its value only if the players on the field, the bench, the coach and the president will demonstrate a high level of emotional control. The management of the competitive stress affects everyone, without exception. In Italy we were often champions of stress. We have the record of coaches fired during the championship by presidents who can not contain their fears or their wounded narcissism also by a few negative results. We are also a League where the players make too many fouls and it is not true that the players would not be able to avoid them, because when they play at the European level they did less. In Italy they feel free to not respect the rules, protected by fans, coaches and presidents always ready to blame the referees,  to talk about a conspiracy against their team or to not have understood that football permit the physical contrasts. The coaches knowing that half of them during the championship will be probably fired risk to live in a dramatic way the negative results of their team, for many it is a temporary job, certainly very well paid, but risky as climbing an eight thousand knowing the number of victims it kills every year. Despite these uncertainties, however, it’s absolutely necessary that the protagonists of football know to keep a cool head, reminding themselves the team’s objectives and how to achieve them. Self-control, effective stress management, aggression loyal and respectful of the opponents must be the basis of the behavior on the field, in other words it means knowing how to manage the emotions in a context, the match, which itself is a highly emotional situation. Therefore the teams have to live for 90 minutes this mental condition showing able to manage it effectively. This is in my opinion the challenge that each team must prepare to face and win each match, as well as the final result.

Read on  http://www.huffingtonpost.it/../../alberto-cei/al-via-la-serie-a-una-sfida-alle-emozioni_b_3805629.html


8 times Nadal at Roland Garros: calm and anger

I like to call “majestic” Nadal’s match vs Ferrer. Nadal showed great anger on every shot without ever having hurry to finish. The expressions on his face are there to witness it.

Rugby: Italy-All Blacks

Rugby is commitment, progress and aggression and Italy has made ​​one of his best games because it showed continuity with this attitude. Rugby is a sport where you cannot play without commitment, you can notpull the leg back, you ca not isolate yourself from the game, you cannot at the last second  to pass the ball to a teammate because you are afraid of making mistakes. Italian players today have done all this, playing at optimal level . They lost, it was assumed, struggling with intelligence until the last minute.

Be calm and angry

Nel campionato di calcio è il momento della calma, umiltà e dell’aggressività. Mi sembra siano questi i tre atteggiamenti più importanti che gli allenatori stanno chiedendo alle loro squadre. La calma serve per entrare in campo e giocare con la mente liberi da fantasmi e preoccupazioni. L’umiltà perchè bisogna sapere giocare con la stessa voglia e determinazione ogni settimana senza lasciarsi influenzare dai risultati precedenti, dalla posizione in classifica o dagli avversari.L’aggressività fa da contraltare alla calma. La calma è la convinzione nei propri mezzi e l’aggressività serve per giocare ogni palla con la prontezza fisica e mentale necessaria e per gesire lo stress agonistica quando si è stanchi e a capovolgere i momenti negativi della partita.