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Health habits must continue to be part of us

A year ago, we were talking to tennis girls about the athlete’s lifestyle. An important aspect in the construction of a junior athlete’s career to understand that beyond the training, the lifestyle influences the development and performance of the athlete.

This photo, now hanging on the wall of the Olympic Preparation Centre in Formia, Italy,  summarizes examples of the lives of great champions of 10 different sports.

Now our life is deeply changed but these habits continue to be true.

Juventus must learn from Aristotle

Aristotle said that “We are what we do consistently. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.” By transferring this statement in the football world means, for example, that Roma is building in these first eight matches a positive habit that it’s the basis of excellence. Juventus, on the contrary, having taken 10 goals and lost the fighting spirit that distinguished it from other teams has to change at all costs, because what it does is creating a habit to react insufficiently. Basically habits guide our practices and Antonio Conte’s job must be to eradicate them, because the team is learning not to react collectively and there is nothing more negative.

Beyond winners and losers

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