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Tom Brady’s 10 winning rules

  1. Confidence - He is not only confident, but he tries to make his team have the same feeling. According to the player, “In some degrees, I think you can fake until you make it, and I think you can show enthusiasm and confidence even when it’s just beginning. As a leader, you have to bring it to the team.”
  2. Work under pressure - In the past he often lost his temper when he was under pressure. Of course, there is a lot of adrenaline when you are playing, but Brady was often seeing screaming at his coach’s face or at anyone who he believed was on his way. Now he knows how to do under pressure and he became much more mature.
  3. Understand his adversary - Tom Brady doesn’t just spend a lot of time improving his moves and motivating the team. The best way to beat your opponents is by knowing how they think and predicting their next step. Tom Brady knows it, and before a match, he thoroughly analyses the other team and studies their strategies and moves. This dedication gives him and his team advantage on the competition.
  4. Be competitive - Tom Brady is known for being “the most competitive person you will ever meet.” Of course, there are some downsides of it: we have seen his anger when he loses. Teammates revealed that he gave the team a pep-talk to make sure they would win a charity game against an amateur team.
  5. Deals with constructive criticism - Tom Brady is one of the best quarterback of all time. But Bill Belichick, his former coach, didn’t hold back when he needs to call Brady’s attention to his behavior on a match or when he doesn’t deliver what was expected. Brady recognizes the need for that criticism.
  6. Great communication - Tom Brady is a master of communication. Josh McDaniels, the Patriots offensive coordinator, praised Brady for his ability to communicate with players of all ages.
  7. Works hard and love it - ”I just love working hard. I love being part of a team. I love working toward a common goal,” the athlete revealed during an interview. His dedication also motivates the team to be committed and work just as hard as he does.
  8. Have a supportive family – Tom Brady is married to Gisele Bündchen. He has three children, two of them with the Brazilian model, and all the family is very proud of his success and very supportive. Gisele celebrated when Tom Brady won his sixth Super Bowl. She shared a family picture, praising the player for his “tireless commitment, discipline and hard work.”
  9.  Take responsibilities - As a great leader, Tom Brady takes responsibility for his actions and also for his team. When the Patriots were not on their best shape, we often saw the quarterback saying it was his fault. In 2018, after the Patriots lost a game, he affirmed that “it was definitely my fault.”
  10. Take a rest - “Proper sleep has helped me get to where I am today as an athlete, and it is something that I continue to rely on every day,” Brady said. During the offseason, he goes easier on himself and we often see Tom Brady and his family enjoying life on Costa Rica, where they have a house.

10 goals to train with pleasure and successo away from competitions

  1. Starting over to train again on the field is not the same as repeating the same things as if nothing had happened - It is a new beginning, and everyone must learn from the experience of these months. For many the races are still a long way off, but the motivation has to be ignited immediately, setting the goals to be ready when the racing season will resume.
  2. Life is a constant change - Determine what changes you want to make and start on the path to achieving them right away.
  3. Accept this unexpected condition - Some people prefer to think, “Why did this lockdown have to happen” and so they cultivate their own victimhood while others think, “Why didn’t it have to happen to me? This second approach allows people to live negative situations in an active way, supporting personal motivation and the search for a proactive role.
  4. A new opportunity - Think about why this new training period can be an opportunity for improvement that you would never have had.
  5. Focus on your personal growth - Every situation, therefore even lockdown and the restart of training without competitions, is a stimulus to know ourselves and learn to react with thoughts, emotions and actions. In this way we strengthen our self-control.
  6. Be committed every day - Every day take a step to make your life’s dream come true. Many athletes don’t cultivate their dreams because they are afraid of being disappointed if they don’t realize them. Others take the risk and try their best without any certainty of the end result.
  7. Use mistakes as instructions to improve - It’s true that mistakes are the only chance for improvement. Learn to know them and accept that excellent performance is based on correcting thousands of mistakes made so far.
  8. Use appropriate strategies to manage stress - In this time of uncertainty, moments of anxiety, worry, depression, unstable mood are common for many people. This is not the problem, we have to live with our fears. However, it becomes a problem if we do nothing to overcome these moments. Therefore, the mental training practiced daily allows to get out of these negative and limiting mental states of mind.
  9. Share your thoughts - do not put yourself in a condition of psychological distance from people who are important to you. Instead, listen and talk them, share thoughts, feelings and actions.
  10. Be optimistic - Optimism is the art of giving a temporary and not permanent meaning to what happens to us. It is about recognizing that tomorrow will be a better day because of our personal skills that we will use to their best advantage.

Jurgen Klopp’s 10 rules for success

Jurgen Klopp’s 10 rules of success.

  1. Improve your environment - We only have one life and we must do everything we can to make it the best possible. Make people enjoy meeting you for what you are doing to improve their environment.
  2. Build memorable experiences - Play unforgettable games, be curious and eager to play the next game to see what will happen, and that’s what football should be. If you take this attitude, you will be 100% successful.
  3. Live in the moment - if you live in the future, forget that you can change it significantly. If you live in the past, however, it can be good to relive your best moments. But we are in the middle of our lives and if we want to do something for our family and for others we have to be 100% in the present.
  4. Building a family - we are not alone in the world, we must be a group. To succeed, we have to be together with the team and the fans.
  5. Be confident - you have to learn how to deal with hard times and defeats. The most important thing about football is that you are responsible for everyone, so you have to be confident to arrive at the moment when you are ready. It’s always difficult from day one and you take it one step at a time.
  6. Keep trying - when you win it’s great and when you lose it doesn’t mean you’re incapable, you have to be convinced that what matters is to keep trying even if you don’t know how long it will take you to succeed.
  7. Learn from your experience - you don’t have to live in the past but life is so fast that you have to learn to use your own experience or that of other people to avoid the same mistakes.
  8. Be disciplined - Never abandon your goals, always stay focused. Certainly teaching this to young footballers is difficult. It’s much more than believing in it, because you can believe in something but also easily lose that belief, that’s why it’s more important to feel strong in difficult times.
  9. Being passionate - You have to use tactics with your heart. You have to live the game intensely, otherwise it’s boring.
  10. Express energy - Most of the time I’m not an emotional person, but during the game something strange happens and if I saw myself from the outside I’d say: “Are you crazy?”